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Since 26 May 2011, EU law now states that cookies on websites can only be used with your specific consent. We are currently looking into ways our website visitors can disable and enable cookies as they wish but this will take some time and expenditure. Whilst we are assessing the best route to take we have developed this guide so you may stop cookies being used when you use our website.

If you would like to know more about cookies and how to get rid of them from your computer please read on and we will explain how this is possible.
They are many types of cookies which we use to improve our website. You can read a comprehensive guide on cookies here

Tracking cookies are small text files that inform us what pages you are viewing on our website and sometimes what prompted you to visit us for example what search term you may have entered into a search engine or perhaps if you are viewing our website from a mobile phone. We don’t have access to or record your name or other personally identifiable information. These types of cookies are useful to increase popular content and make the Twinkle Star Children’s Trust website user-friendly. All social media sharing buttons contain cookies, if you share a page with your friends a cookie will be activated. Cookies may also be used to play videos and populate forms for returning visitors.

To disable or control which cookies you would like to allow please visit this website most users will be using Internet Explorer and all versions of Internet Explorer have a very similar instruction guide.

To clear cookies from your computer please visit and this guide will show you how to remove all cookies.

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